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Law School Prep Course

Since 1998, Law Preview has taught thousands of law students what to expect and how to truly excel in law school. During our week-long, intensive summer prep courses, our distinguished faculty of law school professors provide substantive overviews for each core first-year course. In addition, we teach you how to brief cases, outline for each class, study effectively and manage your time -- all proven academic strategies that are critical to earning great grades during your first year of law school. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn our unique exam-taking methods and practice them on real law school exams. Spend a week with us this summer and prepare to conquer law school. Make sure your investment in a legal education pays off.

Law School Prep Class Instructors

24 Professor-Of-The-Year Award Winners . . . 10 Former U.S. Supreme Court Clerks . . . 1 President of Harvard Law Review. That's just a few of their accomplishments. Our law professors are recognized experts in their fields and teach at some of the best law schools in the country. Most importantly, Law Preview's faculty of law professors and attorneys are simply the best and most effective group of teachers in the business. They will provide you with a fun and interesting introduction to the law -- more than 45 hours of class instruction overall -- that teaches you how to excel in law school.

Law Preview Day

Law Preview is conveniently offered on law school campuses nationwide the summer before your first-year classes begin. We have also negotiated favorable hotel rates (and will even help find you a roommate) if you need to travel to attend a Law Preview class. Check out which of our 21 sessions in 16 cities best fits into your summer schedule: Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Dayton, Durham, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

Why Prep For Law School

First-year grades are important -- very important. Your 1L grades will not only determine your eligibility for law review and other honors, but will dictate what job opportunities are available when you graduate. This is because the most selective legal employers recruit law students at the beginning of their second year, and they often will only interview law students who finished at the top of their 1L class. Given the staggering cost of a legal education, and a highly competitive legal hiring market, adopting a trial-and-error approach as a 1L is a flawed strategy. Learn why preparing for the challenges you will face during your first year of law school can help protect the substantial investment you are about to make in your legal education.

Law Preview Prepares You For Law School

For over a decade, more than 99% of our surveyed students have said we met or exceeded their expectations and that they would recommend Law Preview to other incoming law students. Have you ever wondered who's behind the Law Preview phenomenon? Meet the Founders of Law Preview -- a group of attorneys so talented . . . so dedicated . . . so completely out of their minds that they enjoy reliving the horrors of being a 1L every summer. They are committed to helping you succeed in law school and your legal career.

Law School Prep
Prepare For Law School

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First-Look Pre-OCI Recruiting Database
First-Look Pre-OCI Recruiting Database
Top law firms actively sponsor our program. Our “First Look” pre-OCi networking tool provides Law Preview students with an exclusive, early opportunity to connect with recruiters at these top firms - months before the formal on-campus interviews start.
Law Preview Scholarships
Law Preview Day
Top law firms and Fortune 500 Companies have generously agreed to provide full tuition scholarships to Law Preview for students planning to attend select law schools. Learn if you meet the scholarship criteria.
BARBRI Bar Review
Law Prep
BARBRI is widely regarded as the de facto choice of law school students based on its extensive history in bar exam preparation and its superior word-of-mouth reputation driven by positive student outcomes.