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Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
1801 Euclid Avenue, LB 138
Cleveland, OH 44115

Scholarship Sponsors:
- National Diversity Scholarship Fund (NDSF)

Scholarship Application Deadline: May 15, 2014

National Diversity Scholarship Fund Criteria

To be eligible for a NDSF Scholarship, applicants must be: (i) a member of a historically underrepresented group in the legal profession; (ii) a member of the LGBT community; or (iii) first in their immediate family (excluding siblings) to attend college. Applicants must also be enrolled to begin classes at a NDSF-sponsored law school in the fall.

If chosen, NDSF-sponsored students agree to reply to periodic surveys that confidentially track their academic progress, matriculation/graduation status, bar exam results and employment opportunities.

If you meet the application criteria, complete an online application before May 15. The NDSF Selection Committee will evaluate all applications and notify scholarship recipients on a rolling basis starting June 1.

Law Preview Student Testimonials

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As chair of the Jones Day Diversity Task Force, I have the privilege of working with my colleagues across the Firm to develop and execute a course of action that builds on our record of success in hiring and promoting women and lawyers of color. To that end, the Diversity Task Force has reached out to every major constituency with a vested interest in diversity: clients, law schools, law student organizations, bar associations, research groups, and diversity leaders in the legal profession. We have joined in common cause with affinity groups of women, LGBT individuals, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos, people with disabilities, and others interested in advancing diversity in the legal profession. Our Firm's contribution to Law Preview's National Diversity Scholarship Fund dovetails nicely with our other diversity initiatives because we understand how first-year grades can greatly influence the professional opportunities available to students upon graduation. Jones Day is pleased to support entering law students at this crucial, early stage of their legal careers.

—Kevyn Orr, Partner
Firmwide Hiring & Diversity Partner
Jones Day

What NYU Law Students Say

I attended Law Preview at the University of Pennsylvania Law School last summer. At the end of my first year I am ranked 3rd in my class, a member of both the Law Review and Moot Court team, have a summer job for a federal judge, and a job this fall for my legal writing teacher as a student instructor. Law Preview did an excellent job of providing me with all the tools I needed to survive -- and excel -- in my first year. They helped provide a ground basis for all my core classes, taught me how to take a law school exam and most importantly helped me develop a study schedule that allowed me to study efficiently, without having to pull one all-nighter. I would highly recommend Law Preview to anyone because the information they provide cannot be found anywhere else and it will help prepare you so you can actually enjoy your first year of law school.

—Anonymous, Cleveland State University
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Class of 2012

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