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The Diversity Committee of the Minnesota State Bar Association was established to assist the bar in advancing a culturally diverse workplace for the practice of law in Minnesota. To that end, the committee hopes to work towards improving the environment for the recruiting and retention of minority lawyers. The Committee's primary goal is to increase representation and participation of Minnesota lawyers in the work of the committee and to work with Minnesota law schools and legal community to promote opportunities for minorities in the legal profession.

The Diversity Committee's Law Preview Scholarship seeks to benefit minority students who would like to attend the Law Preview class and who plan to attend law school in Minnesota in 2013.

The Law Preview Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must be: (i) a member of a historically underrepresented group in the legal profession; (ii) a member of the LGBT community; or (iii) first in their immediate family (excluding siblings) to attend college. Students must also be enrolled to begin classes a law school located within the state of Minnesota.

Applications for the Law Preview Scholarship will be accepted until May 10, 2013. A selection committee will evaluate all completed applications, and scholarship recipients will be notified on a rolling basis by May 20, 2013. If you plan to attend one of the eligible law school, and meet the scholarship criteria, complete the online application before the scholarship deadline.

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What NYU Law Students Say

Law Preview provided the basis of my understanding for my 1L classes. Undoubtedly, without that basis, my performance on my exams would not have been comparable. Thanks to Law Preview, I learned the best methods to study and the importance of outlining. It was also beneficial that Law Preview exposed me to reading cases and the type of format an exam will require. From the days I stepped out of Law Preview, I knew that law school required focus and dedication to my studies. Thus, Law Preview is the reason for my success and 3.78 grade point average.

—Soleil M., St. John's University School of Law, Class of 2015

Over the course of six days, Law Preview introduced me to the first year law school curriculum, the Socratic method, and study tips to prepare for finals. Specifically, the founder of the program, Don Macaulay, provided the students with important resources, such as calendars and supplements, for finals preparation and advice about time-management. Additionally, because of the relationship between Law Preview and BARBRI, all program alumni have free access to BARBRI's online resources, including lectures, for the first-year curriculum. Those resources were especially useful during reading period. Without the program, I would have had daunting and misguided expectations of the first year of law school. Law Preview instilled confidence in me by revealing that law school is manageable. That confidence translated to my academic performance in my first semester. .

—Shanice N., Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Yeshiva University, Class of 2015

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