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"Word of mouth." It's how Law Preview has grown from just 6 students in one city in 1998 to more than 1,200 students in 13 cities throughout the United States in 2010. Since 1998, more than 99% of the thousands of Law Preview students surveyed have said the course met or exceeded their expectations.

Our former students have attended nearly every accredited and unaccredited law school in the United States (see the graph to the right based on the USNEWS law school rankings). So whether you want to be the top student at Harvard Law or your goals are a little more modest, Law Preview is proven to be the right way to begin your law school career.

As you read through the testimonials below, you'll notice that the vast majority were submitted by students who had completed at least one semester of law school. Even though by the time our students receive their grades they could credit their success to anything they want, consistently they come back and say it was Law Preview that made the difference for them during their first year.

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Is Law Preview Worth It?

I attended the Law Preview session in Austin. I was just writing to let you know how I did the first semester. I attend the University of Houston Law Center, and I received all A's my first semester and am ranked #1 out of 266 students. Law Preview gave me the right mindset entering into law school, and I feel the class was a big part of my success. Not only did it help me succeed grades wise, but the class also gave me a sense of excitement to attend U of H, as there were 3 professors from the school who lectured at Law Preview, and I enjoyed all three!

—Shaun C., University of Houston Law Center, Class of 2013

I was able to achieve a 3.9 GPA during my first semester, and I was even asked to serve as a TA by one of my professors. I believe that my Law Preview course definitely contributed to my academic success so far and I plan to continue applying Law Preview strategies for the rest of my law school career. I think the most important thing that helped me was being consistent about working hard throughout the semester. Law Preview's email reminders and tips throughout the fall semester really helped keep me on track.

—Anonymous, Columbia University Law School, Class of 2016

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I felt that Law Preview was a real asset as far as informing us on how much work is required to do well. I know a lot of fellow students studied the same as they did in college and they did not do as well. Also, the classes were very helpful in giving us a taste of what we were about to get into. I know that I was far more prepared than most on the first day due to the fact that I had some exposure to the course material during the Law Preview class. I know that I would not have done as well if it were not for Law Preview. It really informed me about what was required and how to manage my time.

—Caroline S., Albany Law School of Union University, Class of 2009

Law Preview did all it advertised it would: introduced the basic foundations of not only the different law disciplines, but the foundations for thinking like a law student. The faculty were excellent.

—Ricardo G., Albany Law School of Union University, Class of 2009

Law Preview provided an outstanding overview that helped me get a handle the 1L material as I progressed through my first two semesters, rather than having to structure everything at the end, while under exam pressure. Having that preliminary structure in my head was a bit like having my entire outline prepared before starting class.

—Don L., Albany Law School of Union University, Class of 2009

The Law Preview course was extremely helpful in introducing the legal terminology that we learned during many of our first year courses. Therefore, having heard the terms once before I felt a familiarity with them and many of the cases that we studied as well which made the overall study of the course easier. Thanks Law Preview!

—Anonymous, Albany Law School of Union University, Class of 2010

I can't tell you how much I appreciated Law Preview. I was only accepted to Albany off the waitlist in early June 2009, and I wasn't feeling too great about my prospects for success. Now, after having completed my 1L year, I'm proud to report that I ranked #19 out of 250 students. Beyond preparing me for the substantive classes, LP helped me gain confidence and avoid the potholes that challenge every 1L no matter where they go to school. I definitely feel that Law Preview also gave me a leg up on my classmates in a number of ways -- whether it was briefing cases or putting together an effective study schedule -- Law Preview removed a lot of the trial and error and I entered my first year with a plan of attack and that was without question a major factor in my success.

—Joseph B., Albany Law School of Union University, Class of 2012
(transferred to George Washington University Law School)

Law Preview helped me get good perspective on the road ahead. Law Preview helped explain and set out what I needed to do to do well in law school. Some 1L students undoubtedly worked very hard but did not get the best results. Law Preview gave me a five foot head start on the rest of my 1L class. There is no doubt in my mind many of my peers had superior intelligence to mine and but I was always on top of my classwork, reading and scheduling for exams. Law Preview helps one keep the end in sight all the way from week one to week 15. With hard work and the head start Law Preview provides I was able to end my first year in the top 10% of my class.

—Anonymous, American University - Washington College of Law, Class of 2009

We do not rank until the end of the first year, but my GPA is 3.82 (around top 5%). Law Preview was a great warm up for my courses. It familiarized me with much of the legal terminology . . . and I found the test taking tips from professors especially helpful. However, the biggest advantaged derived from the course is probably confidence. There is no time to waste in law school wavering on study strategies, and I felt I went in with a winning strategy in hand.

—Mark B., American University - Washington College of Law, Class of 2010

Law Preview helped me to start out law school a step ahead. I knew what to expect, I knew how I was going to approach the semester, and I felt more at ease because I knew the Law Preview approach had proven to be effective. The strategy sessions were of most help to me, and I also really appreciated the helpful updates throughout the year.

—Michael P., American University - Washington College of Law, Class of 2010

I dont know my class rank, but it was a 3.7 I liked that we went over actual cases [during Law Preview]. So when they came up the second time around, it was like a nice break and I felt like a pro.

—Anonymous, American University - Washington College of Law, Class of 2011

Law Preview (LP) affected my experience profoundly. I followed LP's dictates with religious fervor. I believe it worked. Without it, I would not have started outlining as early, structured my time as rigorously, or put so much time into studying.

—Jeremiah L., American University - Washington College of Law, Class of 2011

I felt more confident starting in the fall and had a better understanding of the material as I progressed through the year. [Ranked top 10% after 1L year].

—Anonymous, American University - Washington College of Law, Class of 2013

Law Preview is truly the best preparation I could have asked for heading into my 1L year. I cannot overemphasize the advantages I had over my classmates. It unquestionably helped me create a foundation for success my first semester. [3.68 GPA after fall semester].

—Anonymous, American University - Washington College of Law, Class of 2015

Law Preview was instrumental in preparing me for my 1L year. I think I had a huge advantage in knowing what to expect. It took away some of the "unknowns," and I was ready to focus as soon as classes started. I'm transferring to GW Law after my first year, and I'm confident that Law Preview helped set me on the right path to excel my first year and really positioned me to excel.

—Anonymous, American University - Washington College of Law, Class of 2015
(transferred to George Washington University Law School)

Law Preview provided the framework to build my first year study plan. The introduction to materials and format was pivotal in my success. Although the materials provided in the Law Preview class were quickly assimilated into the actual material of the class, the method of introduction and preparation helped form the basis of how I approached the class.

—Michael W., Arizona State University College of Law, Class of 2014

The main benefit, which was an important one, was the sample calendar that encouraged me to work my butt off. Additionally, the supplements provided and the email questions and answers were valuable. [Ranked #3 out of 170 students after first semester].

—Anonymous, Arizona State University College of Law, Class of 2014

I think the time management recommendations made the first semester for manageable. Sure, its busy, but no one tells you what "busy" looks like and how to handle "busy." Fortunately, Law Preview provided some valuable insight on this. Moreover, Law Preview tips were crucial for exam time. The program tells you what to do before and how to actually study for law school exams. While the rest of class is busy making outlines, I was busy looking a prior exams and memorizing material.

—Arturo G., Arizona State University College of Law, Class of 2016

After first semester, I ranked: 1 out of 64 in Contracts; 10 out of 63 in Property; 21 out of 64 in Civil Procedure; 25 out of 63 in Torts; and 10 out 34 in Research, Writing, Advocacy. Law Preview was a great introduction to studying law. The tips for success were helpful and kept me focused. I especially enjoyed the instruction and advice from the professors. After being out of school for 10 years, I was nervous about diving into law school. Law Preview was perfect for getting my feet wet before the real plunge.

—Anonymous, Ave Maria University School of Law, Class of 2010

First and foremost, the law preview course gave me confidence. I followed the advise and schedule that was provided to the best of my ability, and I feel that it was the defining factor is my success. I received the highest grade on the memo that we wrote for the Research, Writing and Advocacy class, and the second highest grade in that class overall. I got all A's and B's in all of my classes. I used my notes from the Law Preview course on multiple occasions for clarification on various topics that we covered during the first semester. On that note, I feel that the instructors were amazing in their ability to convey so much information in such a concise and understandable way.

—Anonymous, Ave Maria University School of Law, Class of 2012

I'd say that the part of Law Preview's course that made the biggest difference in my grades was the clear idea of how much work it takes to do well in law school. While I came in thinking I'd get a head start on understanding principles that would be brought up in class I quickly learned in the first week of school that the study schedule/calendar was the serious roadmap to success and that instructors weren't kidding when they talked about the endless string of 12-hour days. In the end it paid off not because I'm smarter than everybody else, but because I had the right perspective on what it takes to succeed. When others got caught in the typical traps of first year, I received enough warning to stay the course and find high marks.

—James D., Ave Maria University School of Law, Class of 2011

The prep truly allowed me to 'hit the ground running.' [Ranked 27 out of 430]

—Anonymous, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Yeshiva University, Class of 2012

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