Lexis-Nexis Law Preview Scholarship

For decades, LexisNexis® has worked closely with law students, lawyers and judges to help them succeed in law school, litigate complex cases and draft meaningful legal opinions. LexisNexis pioneered online legal research in the 1970s, and is currently the premier legal and news information provider worldwide. LexisNexis representatives are on campus at all ABA accredited law schools to train, assist and consult with law students and faculty daily. Visit the LexisNexis Pre-Law Students page for a variety of resources for students preparing for law school or thinking about attending.

Even before you start law school you’ll have the opportunity to learn online legal research from the experts at LexisNexis. In the Law Preview Legal Research & Writing Workshop, we will teach you how to find the strongest legal sources to support your arguments; a critical skill for law students and lawyers. We’re also sponsoring scholarships that allow students admitted to 12 different law schools to attend the Law Preview program. Scholarship recipients attend the week long law school preparation course taught by some of the country’s leading law professors. LexisNexis is proud to provide this solid foundation upon which our scholarship recipients can begin their legal studies.

LexisNexis® Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible for a LexisNexis® Scholarship, applicants must be enrolled to begin classes at one if the following law schools in the fall:

- Case Western University School of Law
- Campbell University School of Law
- Catholic University, Columbus School of Law
- Gonzaga University School of Law
- Hamline University School of Law
- New England Law | Boston
- Notre Dame Law School
- Ohio State University, Mortiz School of Law
- Santa Clara University School of Law
- Suffolk University School of Law
- University of Florida, Fredric Levin College of Law
- University of Maryland School of Law
- University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law
- University of Richmond School of Law
- Villanova University School of Law

If you meet the application criteria, complete the online application before May 15. The LexisNexis® Scholarship Selection Committee will evaluate all applications and notify scholarship recipients on a rolling basis starting May 20.

Lexis-Nexis Law Preview Scholarship

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Whenever students ask me for advice about starting law school, I tell them to be disciplined in their approach to achieving success in their first-year. Discipline and success as a 1L sets the stage for success in the remaining years of law school, which can mean the difference between being recruited for a job or having to search for one upon graduation. LexisNexis is excited to sponsor students to attend Law Preview because we view our support as another opportunity to help entering law students prepare for the rigors of law school. Academic success as a 1L is an instrumental step to a prosperous legal career, and the preparation for it provided by Law Preview will definitely aid that success.

—Lynn Reynolds
Vice President & Head of Legal USA
Lexis-Nexis Legal & Professional

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