Our Professor


Heidi Schooner

Catholic University of America—Columbus School of Law

Heidi Schooner joined the faculty at the Columbus School of Law in 1993. Professor Schooner previously taught full time at Suffolk University Law School and was a visiting professor at George Washington University Law School. For more than four years, Professor Schooner was in-house counsel for, and eventually served as acting general counsel of, First American Metro Corp., a large, Washington, D.C. bank holding company. She also practiced in the General Counsel's Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission and as an associate with a private law firm. Professor Schooner received her Bachelor's degree from Duke University with honors and her juris doctor from the Georgetown University Law Center. She teaches regulation of financial institutions, corporations, and contracts.

Heidi Schooner On Law Preview . . .

Why do you teach for Law Preview?

Because I love teaching students who are excited about learning and Law Preview students are highly motivated in their approach to law school.

Why is Law Preview better than other modes of preparing for law school?

Because Law Preview provides concrete, practical (rather than abstract) advice for law school success.

Heidi Schooner On Law School . . .

What is the most important skill law students lack when they begin law school that Law Preview teaches?

All new law students lack analytical skill. Law Preview teaches students how to prepare for first year courses in a way that allows students develop their analytical skills.

What are your favorite study aids for the subject-matter you teach at Law Preview?

Examples & Explanations Series: Contracts by Brian Blum.

What is your favorite fiction/non-fiction book for the subject-matter you teach at Law Preview?

The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith (the novel, NOT the movie!).

What is your favorite casebook for the subject-matter you teach at Law Preview?

Problems In Contract Law: Cases And Materials by Knapp, Crystal and Prince.

Heidi Schooner On Life . . .

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Patience, my dear, Patience.

What is your favorite quote or saying?

Law is art, not science.