Is Law Preview Worth It?

University of Georgia School of Law

University of Georgia School of Law
225 Herty Drive
Athens, GA 30602

Scholarship Sponsors:
- King & Spalding LLP

Scholarship Application Deadline: May 15

Law Preview Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible to become a Law Preview Scholarship recipient, applicants must be: (i) a member of a racial/ethnic group which has been historically underrepresented in the legal profession or a member of the LGBT community; and (ii) enrolled to begin classes at the University of Georgia School of Law in the fall.

If you meet the application criteria, complete an online application before May 15. The selection committee will evaluate all applications and notify scholarship recipients on a rolling basis starting June 1.

Law Preview Student Testimonials

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Law school is uniquely challenging. Being armed with the right tools and insight into what to expect greatly enhances an incoming student's likelihood of success. First-year grades are extremely important and King & Spalding believes sponsoring scholarships with Law Preview will assist underrepresented students prepare for and do well their during their first year of law school.

—Samuel Matchett
Partner & Diversity Committee Chair
King & Spalding LLP

What Nova Southeastern University Students Say

I believe Law Preview helped to prepare me for the law school classroom experience. It helped me to prepare for class and made me feel more comfortable with the Socratic method. After a week at Law Preview, I felt more comfortable going into law school and participating in class. [Ranked #19 out of 220 students after 1L year.].

University of Georgia School of Law
Class of 2014