Is Law Preview Worth It?

University of Houston Law Center

University of Houston Law Center
100 Law Center
Houston, TX 77204

Scholarship Sponsors:
- Bracewell & Giuliani LLP
- Thompson & Knight LLP

Scholarship Application Deadline: May 15

Law Preview Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible to become a Law Preview Scholarship recipient, applicants must be (i) a member of a racial, ethnic, or gender group which has been historically underrepresented in the legal profession or a member of the LGBT community; and (ii) enrolled to begin classes University of Houston Law Center in the fal.

Applications will be accepted until May 15. The sponsoring organizations' selection panels will evaluate all completed applications, and scholarship recipients will be notified on a rolling basis by June 1.

Law Preview Student Testimonials

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A student's grades during the first-year of law school are extremely important. Top law firms recruit for their Summer Associate programs during the fall semester of the 2L year and often only consider a student's 1L performance when deciding who to interview. Grades should be considered a top priority over participation on journals, moot court and other extracurricular activities. Given the importance of 1L grades, Bracewell & Giuliani is committed to helping students enter law school fully prepared for the challenges that they will face by providing scholarships for their tuition to attend the Law Preview class. We have been a proud sponsor of the Law Preview program since 2009 because we know that proper preparation can make a real difference in the lives of students about to enter law school.

—Mike Telle, Esq., Partner
Hiring Partner & Partner Inclusion Committee Member
Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

A student's grades during the first-year of law school are extremely important. It is a plain and hard fact that the most selective legal employers rely almost exclusively on students' 1L grades when deciding who to interview and hire for their Summer Associate programs. We are proud to join our peer firms in helping diverse students achieve their optimal level of success during that all-important first year by sponsoring their participation in Law Preview. The value of properly preparing for the law school experience cannot be understated and Thompson & Knight is happy subsidize the cost of Law Preview in order to provide a solid foundation upon which students can begin their legal studies.

—Nichole Dotson-Olajuwon, Esq.
Chief Diversity Officer
Thompson & Knight LLP